I teach finance concepts applied into building my own investing portfolio.

About Me

My mission is to build a million-dollar portfolio to achieve financial independence, while taking you along with me on the journey. I am a former derivatives trader at one of Jane Street’s largest competitors, that has since entered the world of medicine. During my trading career, I was a market maker running cryptocurrency D1 strategies.

There is a lot of noise, greed, and misinformation in the world of investing, and I am hear to help you make better informed decisions. Furthermore as we are all life-long students of investing, I will also be sharing things I learn along the way.

Expect newsletters every Monday, containing some of the following:

  • Actionable finance or investing concept to improve your financial literacy.

  • Commentary on current market news and interesting events.

  • Updates on my investing portfolio.

  • Real trading interview questions to stimulate your brain.

  • Deep divelong-form post into the history, story, and lessons behind prominent companies, major financial events, or legendary founders.

  • Learning from history is the best way to create a playbook to exploit on future opportunities, and prevent one from repeating foolish mistakes.

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